Kari & Krystelle

Age: 20
Sign: Gemini
Size: 8
Job: (Kari) Photocopy Assist. (K)Hairdresser
Likes: (Kari) chocolate & painting (K) snooker & tatts
Sexiest thing ever done: (Kari) I always do sexy. (K) Sex on a car bonnet
Naughtiest thing ever done: (Kari) Got licked by a dog during sex (K) Got too drunk and threw up on a friend
Favourite part of body: (Kari) Legs (K) Curve of the waist
Why: (Kari) they show strength (K) the waist is soft and feminine
Biggest fantasy: (Kari) to be kidnapped and rescued by a gorgeous man (K) 2 girls at a time with lots of candle wax & blindfolds

With clothes on Kari and Krystelle look quite innocent. Until the piercings and tatts are revealed we discover they belong to a special "tribe" of bi-curious urban chicks. Willing to take platonic friendships to the next level at any opportunity (and especially when there is a camera in the house).
Bi-sexuality is a beautiful thing - especially when the girls explore it on and off the camera. These two make a very erotic couple; with few boundaries they're willing to try new things like bondage and stockings.
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