Nikki & Mum

Age: (N) 19 (M) 54
Sign: (N) Aires (M) Pisces
Size: (N) 10-12 (M) 12
Job: (N) Student (M) Home duties Likes: (N) Photography, art, friends and fun times (M) Cooking, seafood and going out for a lovely time.
Sexiest thing ever done: (N) After clubbing with my boyfriend, we picked up a cute musician, took him home and had a lot of raunchy times (M) Made love beside a creek.
Naughtiest thing ever done: (N) Kind of dumped a guy for his friend. (M) Had sex with another man while my husband was in bed.
Favourite part of body: (N) Arms and legs. (M) Breasts.
Biggest fantasy: My first sexual experience: (N) I was out at my friends wake, I was 14 at the time and ended up hooking up with one of his 24 year old mates. (M) I was 12 I think; it was a long time ago. It was terrible he was a virgin too and didn’t know about arousing a woman. My last sexual experience: (N) With my ex boyfriend, it wasn’t anything super special (M) With my ex husband about a month ago. Every now and again we have sex - been separated for 5 years now. These two hirsute women are a mother and daughter duo. They’re showing all in their backyard on a sunny afternoon.

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